Connie Kvilhaug

Meet Connie Kvilhaug

Connie Kvilhaug is the owner/president of Billings Hypnosis. She is a certified hypnotist trained in an advanced form of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic communications skills, and Emotional Freedom Technique. More

Real change begins from the inside out.

This is all about you.

You’ve come to the right place.  Whether you want to release weight, stop smoking, improve sleep or let go of stress, it’s time to do something different. Positive changes happen at the source (your mind).  Hypnosis is the tool to help you access your own inner resources to transform your life.  It’s simple to do, easy to understand and it works.

Change your thought patterns, feelings and perceptions, and you can change your world.  Hypnosis helps you access new levels of self-control and personal discipline.  Think of learning hypnosis as learning a skill. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  It’s the solution you have been searching for. If you’ve decided to change, improve your life experience, let go of old habits, hurts and regrets, hypnosis can dramatically influence and accelerate that process.

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Light and Sound Technology

We use State of the Art Light and Sound Technology in our programs.  The beneficial effects of light and sound have been clinically tested and verified over 50 years, utilizing gentle pulses of light and sound to attune the mind to a desired state at the touch of a button.

Benefits include psychological stress relief, deep relaxation, assistance in falling asleep, memory improvement, increased learning, stabilizing emotions, increased intellectual focus, lucid dreaming and increased physical energy. Further studies prove that this technology can also increase I.Q., especially in children with ADD, improved attention span, pain management and relief, addiction relief, higher scores on tests, improved cognitive ability and easier access to hypnotic states.

Insight & Inspiration


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