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Have you ever stumbled across something you needed at the exact right time? Did you run into someone at the store, read something online or hear something at a meeting that just seemed to be what you needed at that time?  Has an answer to something you’ve been struggling with appeared out of the blue? This is called synchronicity. It’s… Read more >

Success is a Science (Part 11 – Final)

Conclusion: Seek Joy First (To read previous blogs, click here) As you practice the system, you will find yourself naturally coming to one conclusion: your desires are not really the end goal. What does that mean?  Each person seeks joy through the attainment of his own unique desires. One person might seek joy through one desire, while another seeks joy through… Read more >

Success is a Science (Part 10)

Continuing in our series (click here to read previous parts)… Chapter 6: Application #3 – Love The circle of love is all about people. Before we talk specifically about the people in your life, first we need to make a distinction. Some motivational books advise you to tell no one about your heart’s desires so that you don’t open yourself to… Read more >

Success is a Science (Part 9)

(To read previous posts on this series, click here) Chapter 5: Application #2:  Wealth It doesn’t matter whether you love your job or you hate your job. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor. As you begin to get clear about what exactly it is that you want in the area of wealth, it’s absolutely certain that you can have… Read more >

Success is a Science (Part 8)

(To read previous parts of this Series, click here) Chapter 4, Application #1:  Health At the start of this series, we talked about the 3 life circles of health, wealth and love.  Now we’re going to look at how each of the life circles is divided into 3 goals circles. (Imagine 3 overlapping circles with each word in a circle):… Read more >

Success is a Science (Part 7)

(To read the earlier parts of this series, click here) Last week, I discussed the emotional frequency scale. By now, you’re probably thinking, “Show me what to do to move up the emotional frequency scale so that I can achieve what I want to achieve in life faster. So that I can improve my ability to achieve. And perhaps most… Read more >

Success is a Science (Part 6)

This week we begin Chapter 3: The Daily Life Practice: Emotional Mastery  Now, let’s look at how you can speed up the achievement of your heart’s desires and be relaxed and enjoy the process at the same time. Here’s how it works: Imagine emotions have different frequencies, just like radio stations. There are low frequency emotions and high frequency emotions…. Read more >

Success is a Science (Part 5)

Last week in Part 4 of this series, I discussed making lists of your desires in the areas of health, wealth and love.  Click here to read previous blog posts. This week, we are discussing making a declaration. The Declaration At the end of each of your lists, you need to write and state the following declaration: This or something better is… Read more >