5 EASY Tips to Relieve Stress NOW!

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Be “Other” Focused

A simple thought to ponder… What would happen if you became “Other” Focused? What if, just for today, you asked yourself the following questions: What can I do for someone else today? How can I make someone’s day a little brighter today? What would happen if I smiled and said a kind word to everyone I saw today? Let me… Read more >

Take Back Your Power

Many of my clients will tell you that part of their program with me involves a segment I call “Patterns.” This is where we discuss various patterns that people play that get in the way of them making permanent or more positive changes in their lives. One of the patterns that I see playing out wildly in clients’ lives (and… Read more >

Unconscious Habits

I gave a talk this past week to a Lunch & Learn group here in Billings. One of the items I discussed revolved around some of the habits we do automatically, even when we really don’t want to continue doing them. Examples of these habits would be sleeping in too late, procrastinating, always running late, being disorganized, eating too much… Read more >

Being Authentic

I’ve been hearing the word “authentic” a lot lately.  So many people claim they are becoming more authentic, leading more authentic lives, being more authentic in their relationships. What does it mean to be authentic? According to Webster’s Dictionary, it means: Not false or an imitation. Real, Actual True to one’s personality, spirit or character. Is sincere and authentic, with… Read more >

Each Day is a Gift; Not a Given

“Each day is a gift; not a given.” This is my new favorite saying and one of the “themes” I’ve chosen for 2018 and beyond. It was interesting how my initial response to this saying was to “do more.” I mean, if each day is a gift, then shouldn’t I be “doing more?” I started thinking about projects I could… Read more >

It’s That Time of Year Again!

It’s that time of year again – New Year’s Resolution time. Because of the mindset of many people in this country, it seems as though people “expect” to give up on their resolutions by about mid-February. That sentiment seems to get backed up by media and others who jokingly talk about “donating” to their favorite charity – the gym!  “Yeah,… Read more >

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Here are some questions to ponder as we begin a new year, a clean slate… 1.  What good (and fun!) things do you have planned for yourself this year? 2.  How are you going to make this year better for yourself in the areas of health, wealth and wisdom?  3.  Which people in your life will benefit from… Read more >

An Empty Seat At The Table

The season of Christmas brings up lots of memories and emotions. For some, these memories and emotions bring a warm glow to the heart. Remembering wonderful family gatherings, laughter, gift giving, lights and snow-filled days of glee. For others, the memories and emotions brought up this time of year can be painful, sad or filled with remorse. This time of… Read more >