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Eliminate Cravings – Part III

You can control your cravings! Do you compulsively eat a certain food?  Does it feel like that food has control over you? In this video we continue the techniques from Eliminate Cravings – Part II and we show you how to eliminate a compulsion. Warning:  This video is not for the person with a weak stomach.  Using graphic imagery, this video is… Read more >

Eliminate Cravings – Part II

Can you resist chocolate? How many of you have chocolate cravings?  In Eliminate Cravings – Part I, we talked about how changing perceptions and behaviors can help us. Watch this video to discover how you can let go of a chocolate craving. Learn the 2 motivational strategies for releasing this craving:  1)  away from pain or disgust  2)  towards pleasure.    … Read more >

Eliminate Cravings – Part I

Dealing with Cravings Are you a person that has food cravings?  Is there a certain food that you really crave frequently?  Cravings are actually learned behaviors. We associate cravings to certain areas of the brain.  In this, Part I, of Eliminate Cravings, we discover that by changing perceptions or behaviors, one can learn to let go of cravings. You can… Read more >


As I was heading into the radio station this morning to talk on-air with Livin’ Large Larry, I was greeted by a beautiful linx cat that our local Zookeeper, Jeff Ewalt, brought along with him today! The paws on this cat were huge! One never knows what to expect on the Livin’ Large Larry show! It’s always a surprise! I… Read more >

National Walk Your Dog Day!

Had a wonderful day yesterday, October 1st. It was “National Walk Your Dog Day” and Billings Hypnosis is a sponsor. This year, we paired up with Dr. Cheryl Cook of St. Vincent’s (Walk & Talk with the Doc) and we all met up on the Rims at Swords Park with our dogs. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! It… Read more >

Synergy For Weight Release Success

A big part to the weight release puzzle is patience.  (Notice I say, “Weight Release,” not “Weight Loss.”  Even though weight loss is a common term, there is something funny that the mind does when it thinks we’ve lost something.  It tries to “Find” it again!!  So, we don’t want to lose weight only to have to “find” it back on the body!! … Read more >

Livin Large

Thanks Livin Large Larry… !  For the opportunity to speak on hypnosis and tell my story on his 970am show. My story? From stockbroker to Hypnosis. How and why hypnosis works. The methods and how it can be used to re-focus and change your life. The Spotlight With Livin Large Larry-Billings Hypnosis [AUDIO].

Make Yourself A Promise

by Connie Kvilhaug I came across an interesting idea the other day that I want to share with you.  You may be surprised at the simplicity of it, but do not be fooled.  This simple idea is jam-packed with the potential to move you forward in your goals, whether they be health-related goals, fitness goals, personal goals, career goals, etc.   It… Read more >