5 EASY Tips to Relieve Stress NOW!

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At Billings Hypnosis, we believe in offering ongoing support and opportunities to our clients and the community.  Part of our mission is to get hypnosis out into the mainstream to help everyday people with everyday problems.

Read what some of our previous class members had to say about our classes:

“Connie is so positive!  I will reread her book because it has so much good information!”
“I wish the class were longer – I learned so much!”
“Love Connie – the class was very helpful!”
“You have exceptional service. And I have raved about the results to many!”
“Really resonated with me.  Changed my life!”
“Excellent, inspirational course.”
“It helped me with my thought process and kept me very positive!  After the first class, I haven’t binge-eaten at all!”
“Connie is a great teacher.  One night, I did not want to go because I just felt like going home.  I was there 10 minutes and I was SO GLAD I went to the class!”
“Connie started talking and my stress just melted away!”
“This class is life-changing! I am inspired by hypnosis and cannot say enough positive about this class – I do not want it to end!”
“Connie explains things in simple terms and gave great tips and tricks.”


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