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Weight Release


Our society has gotten it wrong all these years!  There is something extremely wrong with how most people attempt to lose weight!

Even though diets fail upwards of 92% of the time, you keep trying the next one. And the next one.  You climb on the next diet that a friend suggests. And it always turns out the same. You do great in the beginning, then you get stressed or bored or emotionally upset…and ka-pow!  Willpower vanishes, and even more pounds sneak back on than when you started. If there’s a real secret to fast, lasting weight release, dieting sure isn’t it. We know from years of experience that the more weight you have to lose is in direct proportion to how many diets have failed you, and the inevitable bounce-back weight gain that happens.




After shot of Cheryl Shaffer.

I LOST 65 LBS WITH HYPNOSIS! Cheryl’s story…

STRUGGLED WITH WEIGHT FOR YEARS: I struggled with weight for over 20 years and always lost the battle.

TIRED OF LUGGING AROUND THE PAINFUL POUNDS: My energy was low, I felt sluggish, and I was ready for a change.

STOPPED SMOKING WITH HYPNOSIS, SO I ALREADY KNEW HYPNOSIS WORKED: I was introduced to Billings Hypnosis 5 years ago when I went to Connie to quit smoking. With Connie’s help, I conquered that habit. It took me four more years to go back to Connie for help with my eating habits and weight

BENEFITS OF HYPNOSIS: With hypnosis, I was able to gain the tools I needed to win the battle of my bulge! I have lost 65 pounds and still losing! I am thrilled! The power to free your mind to help yourself is wonderful!

FEELING YOUNG AGAIN: My health is the best it has been in years! I am 65 this year and feel better now than when I was 35!

TAKE ACTION NOW: Diets don’t work, so it’s time to do something different. Hypnosis helps you reprogram your mind to succeed. I am so glad I found Connie!






STRUGGLED WITH WEIGHT FOR YEARS: I had been overweight for years. I dieted and exercised with success many times, but reverted back to my old habits and gained back all the weight, and then some. I knew how to eat properly, but it was portion size that was hard to control.

TRYING ON CLOTHES JUST MADE ME MORE DEPRESSED: The more weight I put on, the worse I felt about myself. I hated to shop; trying on clothes just made me more depressed because it was hard to find anything that fit. My knees always hurt and I didn’t have any stamina.

I DIDN’T WANT TO BE FAT FOR MY DAUGHTER’S WEDDING: When my daughter decided to get married, I knew I didn’t want to be fat for her wedding. She was going to have a beach wedding and I didn’t want to
waddle around in a big shirt or dress trying to cover up. I had to get my eating under control and improve my self-image.

A NEW APPROACH TO MY OLD PROBLEM: My first meeting at Billings Hypnosis was encouraging. The tools Connie provided over the months were very good; everything from the hypnosis recordings for home use to the little tricks to convince myself that I didn’t need that mid-afternoon or evening snack.

RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS!! I have lost over 67 pounds and still dropping. Hypnosis has taught me to think before I act when it comes to food. I have meal portions under control. There is also the accountability part of weight loss. Granted, I’m ultimately only accountable to myself, but providing my progress to a hypnotist every few weeks allows feedback and support as well as reinforcement of the different ways to assist with weight loss.

CONFIDENCE BOOSTED! My confidence has been boosted and I really feel good about myself and my ability to continue to use all that I have learned through the hypnosis.






STRUGGLED WITH WEIGHT FOR YEARS: It seemed I was always 20 pounds overweight when I was younger, but through the years, the weight slowly crept up.

TOO EMBARRASSED TO BE SEEN: I was so embarrassed about my weight. I never wanted to go anywhere for fear I’d run into someone I knew. I never wanted to have my picture taken.

NEW APPROACH TO MY OLD PROBLEM: Although I was skeptical at first, making the appointment was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. Right after the first session, I felt so positive! I continued feeling so much better, with more energy and fewer headaches and backaches. The weight started melting away.

COMFORTABLE IN MY CLOTHES: I lost 77 pounds and went from a pant size of 22 down to size 12! It is so great to feel comfortable in my clothes.

BENEFITS GALORE: There are so many benefits from the hypnosis besides losing the weight. I have more confidence, more energy. I love getting out and being social as that old embarrassment about my body is long gone. People have even noticed a positive change in my mood.

RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS: Hypnosis has taught me to think, eat and react like a slender person. I’ve learned that I don’t need to think about food all the time. Hypnosis helped remove my old patterns and beliefs. I also learned it was okay to make time for myself and put my health needs first. I absolutely recommend Connie Kvilhaug and Billings Hypnosis every chance I get!






THE THOUGHT OF ANOTHER DIET MADE ME SICK: My yo-yo dieting got me all the way up to almost 200 pounds. Sure, I’d “white-knuckle-it” to lose 30-40 pounds, but I’d hate it. Dieting was such a struggle that I didn’t even feel good about myself. Then, like always, something would come up and get me off track and I’d be right back where I started, overweight and unhappy.

I COULDN’T FIND MY WAY OUT OF THIS HOLE: Each time I blew a diet, I’d put on more weight. It felt like I was in a deep hole and couldn’t get out. I was so tired of being fat. I hated the aches and pain. I felt so incapable of everything.

HYPNOSIS HELPED ME STOP SMOKING, SO MAYBE…: I had stopped smoking at Billings Hypnosis, which was a huge breakthrough. I decided that my entire approach to weight loss needed to change and my health was worth whatever the cost. The program has been worth every penny and more.

FROM SIZE 16 DOWN TO 6: I reached my goal, eliminating 27 inches of ugly fat from my body. I went from wearing size 16 pants that felt tight to comfortably fitting into size 6 pants. I now officially love clothes again!

I’M JUST PLAIN HAPPIER NOW: This has been so much more than just losing weight. It has been a lifestyle change. I love my new life and how good I feel every day!

WHEN YOU FIND SOMETHING THIS GOOD, YOU HAVE TO DO IT! I feel so grateful for this program. I know that without this support and new knowledge, I would still be struggling. I never imagined how easy it could be. I would recommend Connie Kvilhaug and her programs at Billings Hypnosis to everyone.

Secrets of Successful Weight Release Revealed

The first secret is to begin with your wording.  At Billings Hypnosis, we use the word “RELEASE” rather than “LOSE”.  That’s because the subconscious mind always tries to FIND what it has lost!  However, when you choose to use the words “RELEASE WEIGHT”, the mind follows your command to let the excess pounds go.

We believe so strongly in the ability of the mind to release the excess pounds that we’ve written a book about it!  HypnoSize Yourself, Increase Your Vitality ~ Release the Weight with Self-Hypnosis is a guide to helping you change your thoughts, behaviors and eating habits in a way that allows you to be authentic with yourself and achieve your desired outcome.  In fact, we have created several products available that assist you in your endeavor to improve your health.

When it comes to releasing weight naturally, hypnosis is a valuable tool. Pills, shakes and extreme exercises all have real and severe disadvantages and consequences. Let’s get real. If you’re reading this, you need help. Not right now, but several months ago. You’ve gained weight through the years simply by wasting time TRYING, instead of DOING!

Now is the time to DO the only thing that really works:


At Billings Hypnosis, your very own personal weight release help is available. You get one-on-one time with a Master Hypnotist, guiding you every step of the way. Our HypnoSize Yourself© Weight Release Signature Program is an easy to follow blueprint to lasting successful weight release. Here’s how we do it…


No Hunger…

“I was surprised as I could not believe the weight was down and I did not experience “hunger”. I also found the suggestions helpful in my everyday life. I am more positive, active and energetic.” ~ Linda M., Reg. Nurse

No More Night Cravings…

“I am able to wear clothes that I haven’t been able to in years. Mainly hypnosis helped me get rid of the late night cravings.” ~ C. S.

Getting Compliments after 50-Lb Weight Loss…

“…I have lost almost 50 lbs. by changing my eating habits and exercising. I was … successful by using the hypnosis recordings and live hypnosis by Connie as well as the other techniques taught. The compliments from friends are an added bonus.” ~ M. S. Retired

Bookkeeper Has More Energy…

“I really enjoyed being here and learning different things to help me to lose weight. I feel more energy and light.” ~ Mary Jane M., Bookkeeper

Housewife Says It’s Easy…

“Amazingly, I am surprising myself with the feeling of doing something good and how easy it has been. I’m not constantly looking for something to put in my mouth. But I know I feel better and hope to continue on this road. No, not “hope”… I WILL continue.” ~ Gladys S., Housewife

Feels Better…

“I just feel better about myself. The walking helps me get away from everything and gives me peace. I can tell I’m losing, my pants are too big now, and my shirts are too big now.” ~ Rose H.

I Can Overcome Any Obstacle Now…

“I am glad that I came here to have hypnosis help my problem of being overweight. I know also that I am a stronger and more powerful person, and I can face and overcome any obstacle that life sends my way. Thank you, Connie.” ~ Julia S., Retired Teacher

More Patience and Less Stress…

“My huge success is letting go of the stress in my life. I have a lot more patience in caring for my disabled husband and we can actually have a good time visiting and sharing our thoughts. I am losing weight and believe it is because I feel so much better about myself.” ~ Janet S.

LPN No Longer Obsesses About Food…

“My weight is down…inches smaller. More important – I like me. I do not obsess about food – proteins, carbs, fruit, more fiber or How many points is that! I do not have cravings because I look at food as food.” ~ Cristy M., LPN

Photographer Finds the Solution – It’s Hypnosis…

“Finally ‘the solution’ to my weight problems. I have more energy, focus, self-esteem and better quality of life. I have lost 30 lbs and 13 inches. I can now walk for I hour without stopping.” ~ A. R., Photographer

Lost 23 Lbs. in 5 Weeks…

“I can’t wait to start riding my motorcycle. One year ago I didn’t ride because I didn’t feel like it and was worried what people would think. I lost 23 lbs. in 5 weeks.” ~ Mike O., Concrete Construction

Teacher Finally Comfortable In Her Own Skin…

“I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I can shop for clothes and find things that fit right. Because I’m happier and more self-confident, my relationships are better…” ~ L. S., Teacher

Business Owner Gets Confidence Back…

“Connie gave incredible support during my weight loss adventure. I am once again comfortable with myself and have my confidence back.” ~ Diane J., Business owner

Binging Habits Have Disappeared…

“Being active every day has become so easy for me. My “binging” habits have disappeared. I have embraced several of the techniques Connie has taught me. I appreciate that….losing weight can be a rewarding journey.” ~ J. K., Family Advocate

Doctor Lets Go of Excessive Food Thoughts…

“I saw Connie in the newspaper…. I’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked long term. Food is no longer the center of my thoughts; I am more relaxed and very proud of my control over those triggers that used to start my foraging.” ~ T.O., Doctor

No More Sugar or Salt Cravings…

“I am utterly flabbergasted at the “Non Craving” of sugar I have as well as the ability to look at a bag of chips and not get into them. And my eagerness to exercise – even when my mind says I don’t have to – I just do it.” ~ Sue H., Food Service

Ranch Wife Has No More Heartburn or Misery…

“I am feeling great about using hypnosis as an aid to help me lose weight. I feel better about everything in my life. I no longer have heartburn every time I eat and I no longer feel miserable because I’ve eaten too much.” ~ Karen L., Ranch wife

The Best Weight Release Program

The best weight release program is the one that delivers successful weight release in a reasonable amount of time with little or no hassle at a reasonable cost.  You are investing in your most valuable resource – YOU!  You are worthy of investing in your health, your future.  Releasing weight naturally with an easy to understand, simple to do, long term weight release solution is simply common sense. Expect great weight release help with a simple weight release plan that you can rely on, depend on. Personal help and involvement makes hypnotic weight release stand out above all others. Compare our results and programs to what’s available, then you decide.

  • no forbidden foods
  • no major lifestyle change
  • no grueling exercise
  • learn how to gain control

The Secret of Great Weight Release Success

woman shows her weight loss by wearing an old jeansThe real secret to great weight release success is obvious. A healthy eating plan you can live with. A new way of releasing weight that takes advantage of hypnotic weight release.  This is a Game Changer.  Weight release results happen when you combine a committed client, expert Master Hypnotist and a scientifically sound approach to personal weight release help. Weight release results are what you want. We know that. We understand that.  We’ve been in your shoes.  That’s why we developed a revolutionary system that helps you break free from the pain and hassle of being overweight.

Personal Weight Release Results

We know you have heard all of this before. You’re bored with all the glowing weight release claims. You’ve seen others’ ads with Before and After photos.  You’ve seen your friends release their weight with seemingly little effort.  Yet you secretly wonder if YOU can ever attain those results.  Somehow you think you’re different, or you have allowed yourself to have a built-in set of excuses as to why it will never work for you.

Well, here’s the truth (and the truth will set you free!).  You were designed to be healthy.  You were created to attain and maintain your ideal weight.  And you already know how to do it (at a subconscious level).  It is just that you got into habits, behaviors and thought-patterns that no longer serve you.  At Billings Hypnosis, we help you reconnect with your inner truth and learn new positive behaviors and skills that can move you towards your goals.  We will be working mainly on releasing the EMOTIONAL WEIGHT. That’s because most people already know how to release the physical weight; it means eating less and moving more. But most people don’t do these things. So at Billings Hypnosis, we help you release the EMOTIONAL WEIGHT that is keeping you from taking better care of yourself.

Successful weight release is always a combination of your decision to release weight together with professional customized, personal weight release help from weight release experts.

What does it require from you?  A strong desire, and an understanding and agreement that in order to change your physical body, you must first change mentally, emotionally and behaviorally. Are you ready?

Being Overweight Hurts

Obesity is physically and emotionally painful. If excessive weight is your constant companion, you probably feel as much frustration as embarrassment. Those excess pounds hold you back from really living life, eventually eroding your self-esteem and confidence.

HypnoSize Yourself!

Many people claim weight release with hypnosis is easy. Others claim hypnotic weight release gives them fast results. Of course, hypnosis is not something  “done TO you”… and it isn’t magic. It’s a skill you yourself learn through training. And it isn’t for everyone.

Young woman outstretched arms enjoys the freedom and fresh airThose who are sincere about getting private, personal weight release help and go through the training agree; hypnosis uses your unconscious mind and your imagination to encourage and motivate you to take the necessary actions required to overcome your barrier to success. But don’t take our word for it. Read what actual users of hypnotic weight release say. Then you decide.

Throw Away Everything You Learned That Does Not Work

Let’s start with diets. What’s the best diet for releasing weight? The one you’re not on. 
Because diets don’t work. Hypnosis works. It’s a well known fact that diets fail almost all the time – at best, they only work short-term until you can’t stand to be on them one more minute. Then you usually gain the weight back, plus some. That’s why there are no diets in any of our weight release programs.

What’s the best way to lose weight? By changing the inside first.
The best weight release results happen when you deal with the real reason you’re overweight – emotional eating. No matter how many calories you count, and not matter what menu plans you use, when you get upset, stressed or overly emotional, all that goes out the window. So understanding your personal situation can create a successful weight release plan just for you. That plan has to do two things:

  • Deal with stress and emotional eating, and
  • Help you discover how to change how you feel in a different way.

Does hypnosis really work?
For hundreds of thousands of people, yes.

Whether it will work for you should be discussed in advance with a hypnotist that is very experienced in using hypnosis for weight release.  (That’s why we offer an initial assessment.)

Hypnosis was first approved by the American Medical Association in 1958. Today hypnosis training is offered at many medical schools across the county, including Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Hypnosis has been used by every branch of the United States military, Secret Service and many law enforcement agencies. It has been a trusted and important part of the healing professions for many decades. The Hypnosis Business Journal estimates that 12,000-25,000 Americans are hypnotized every day in dentistry, medicine and for self-improvement.

What’s the best exercise to release weight?
The kind that’s the most fun to do.

Who wants boring exercise: nobody. There are literally hundreds of different ways to move your body aerobically. Aerobic simply means your heart rate is up to an ideal level. Exercise should be fun and effective. That’s why we like to refer to it as RECESS TIME or PLAYTIME!  If you like doing it, you’ll be more likely to continue. The more you exercise, the more fat you burn and that can mean fast weight release.

Can I release weight without exercise?

Yep, but here’s why you don’t want to.

Weight release is always the difference between calories in and calories burned. The most successful weight release is when you lower your portions and increase the burn rate. But better than that, adding exercise to your weight release plan can make maintaining your weight later easier, according to the 2009 “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” magazine. It also makes the rate of weight release faster, so how to release the most weight quickly has to include recess time.

What about free weekly support?
A great idea! We have it!  Each week we provide a free “Insight & Inspiration” newsletter to help people keep motivated, inspired and to keep going on their journey to good health and fitness.  (If you would like to receive this newsletter, you can easily sign up on this website and also receive a Free Report called “5 Tips to Relieve Stress.”)  This “Insight & Inspiration” newsletter focuses on success in any arena of life – not just weight issues.  That’s because it’s the things in life and the “Stinkin’ Thinkin” that can get in the way of success.  We provide these weekly newsletters so that you can reread them through the week when you need encouragement, motivation and basically to help you reset your mindset.  Our newsletters are designed to help you stop giving up on your goals, whatever your goals may be. (For those who want more inspiration and motivation, we also offer a 12-week online Quit the Quitting support course that is an addition to our other programs.)

How do I release weight fast?

Simple. Just do all the easy things you need to do!

It’s common sense… most people know how to release the most weight quickly – cut your portions, increase your physical movement, drink lots of water, get lots of sleep and learn how to relax better! As hypnosis helps you shift into a relaxed way of thinking and dealing with stress, your food preferences can change too, and to give you the difference in attitude you were looking for. And that’s where hypnosis is unlike anything else. Hypnosis can really help you release the most weight in a month, a week or even better, as long as you like, because you’re in control.

Hypnotic weight release can produce fast weight release results because it’s simple to do and easy to understand. Here’s the best part…

  • Weight release with hypnosis does not require a diet. You eat the same food you’re eating now.
  • You don’t crave favorites, because favorites are allowed. No diets, no starving.
  • Hypnotic weight release offers you the freedom to succeed and enjoy your results as soon as possible.

Now you have the facts. Enough information to make an intelligent, well informed decision.

SCHEDULE YOUR INITIAL ASSESSMENT NOW AND BEGIN THE PROCESS OF POSITIVE CHANGE.  If we determine that you are the sort of person who can be accepted into one of our programs, we will design a customized program for you. If we feel hypnotic weight release will not benefit you, we will tell you so. In either case, you will get valuable insights and info wherein you can make a positive shift right away.

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