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Shine A Light On The Good Times

As a follow-up to last week’s newsletter/blog, “Change Your Story,” I felt the nudge to encourage people to also take a look at their “childhood story.”

How many of you have tales of a dysfunctional upbringing?  How many grew up in an atmosphere of emotional, verbal or physical neglect or abuse? Alcohol or drug abuse? Abandonment or rejection? The silent treatment? Foster homes? Divorced parents and step-parents?  Arguing and name-calling?  Hunger or poverty? Ridicule or embarrassment?  Moved too many times and never had many friends? Parents seemed distant, even though they lived in the same home? Parents were too strict?  Parents favored one of your siblings over the others?

By now, most of you have probably said “yes” to at least one thing in the above paragraph.

Actually, I have never met one person who had a completely perfect, magical and storybook childhood. I’m sure they are out there somewhere….I’ve just never met them.  Or perhaps such characters are only found in the wonderful world of Disney!

In any case, many of us can come up with lots of “stories” of how our childhood wasn’t “the best or even close to the “picture perfect, Brady Bunch-type” of American family.

But if I were to offer you a million dollars (which I’m not, btw, but got your attention!) to tell me 5 things that were RIGHT about your childhood or 5 things that happened that made YOU a BETTER person because of your upbringing, I’ll bet you could quickly recall some of the better moments in your young life.

Instead, many people tend to focus on their “victim story” from their childhood. Have you ever gotten together with your siblings and talked about some incident that bothered YOU immensely and, yet, your siblings couldn’t even remember it? Even if they were in the same room at the same time?  Well, that’s called “perspective.” It’s also called, “YOUR reality.” Just because you experienced something a certain way does NOT mean everyone else “saw or felt it” the same way.  And it also means that perhaps you didn’t “see or feel it” the way it really WAS.

We all see the world through our own perspective, attitudes, personality, experiences, etc.

So, what if your “childhood story” wasn’t really real?!?!?!?

What if you actually had a pretty darn good childhood compared to the rest of the world right now?!?

So my challenge to you this week is to make a list of at least 5 things that were good in your childhood. To give you some examples, I’ll go first:

  1. I was so lucky to have been brought up on a farm. I love animals, and I got to enjoy so many kinds of animals as a kid: barn cats, dogs, pigs, cows, horses, sheep, ducks, fox, deer and more!
  2. My parents let me eat my favorite food – ketchup! I’d make “ketchup sandwiches” and thought I was so lucky to always have ketchup in the refrigerator!
  3. I spent hours digging my way to China in the dirt area of my backyard. My parents didn’t care how dirty I got because it kept me busy and out of their hair!
  4. Any leftover dirt from #3 above would be used to make “dirt pies.” (That’s where my baking skills began, lol!)
  5. I’d spend hours on my “tire swing” that was attached to a huge old cottonwood tree. The carefree days of summer back then really WERE carefree.

As always, I would love to hear about your list of 5 things that you enjoyed from childhood. All you have to do is hit “reply” to this newsletter and respond or if you’re reading this on Facebook or LinkedIn, just reply in the comment section.

Until next time,

Connie Kvilhaug, Cert. Hypnotist
Childhood Storyteller