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Success is a Science (Part 5)

Last week in Part 4 of this series, I discussed making lists of your desires in the areas of health, wealth and love.  Click here to read previous blog posts.

This week, we are discussing making a declaration.

The Declaration

At the end of each of your lists, you need to write and state the following declaration:

This or something better is now coming to me, in an easy and relaxed manner, in its own perfect time, in its own perfect way, for the highest good of all.

The purpose of the declaration is to get your life energy aligned with your heart’s desires so that you can attract them to you in the quickest, easiest and best way.

Let’s look at each of the phrases in the declaration.

First, it states “This or something better is now coming to me.”  Sometimes we think we know what we want, but a deeper part of our mind may know something better that will make us much happier. It gives permission for the deeper part of the mind to make an amendment to our stated desires until they become exactly what we really want.

The next thing this phrase does is it declares that the object of desire is coming to me. This is the opposite of the old-fashioned “go-getter” attitude. Instead of having to rush around in many different directions getting stressed out, you can just relax and imagine yourself sitting in the center of the 3 circles like a magnet, effortlessly drawing your chosen desires towards you.

The next part of the declaration states, “in an easy and relaxed manner,” which builds upon the concept of having your desires come to you, rather than you chasing them. There is no need for struggle. As you practice this system, you’ll notice that things just seem to turn out the way that you want them to without you putting very much effort in at all, especially when you make the declaration each day “in an easy and relaxed manner.”

The next part states, “in its own perfect time.”  This is different to the many goal-setting systems that are around, where they teach it’s absolutely necessary to set a deadline for the achievement of any goal. This is unnecessary, and again leads to stress because the conscious mind doesn’t always know the best timing, but the deeper part of the mind always knows when to deliver.

The deeper part of your mind is the part of your mind that knows exactly how many times to beat your heart every minute, how much you need to breathe in, how to drive a car and make all the calculations necessary about speed and distance. It knows how to digest food, and it regularly does all of the above without you having to think about it. It’s the part of your mind that knows how all of your desires fit together with each other, and it also knows the best time for each of those desires to manifest in relations to each other.

Which brings us in to the next phrase which is “in its own perfect way.” This is an extremely important point. Our job, when we ask for something, is simply to state what we want; it is never to state how we’re going to get it or how it’s going to come to us. Our only job is to consciously state what we want, and to emotionalize the thought; in other words, to feel good when we think about what we want.

The magnetic energy set up by feeling good when we think about what we want will naturally magnetize to us the correct plan of action, and will naturally inspire us to take whatever action is necessary, if indeed any action is necessary.

There is a world of difference between motivation and inspiration.  Motivation was the old-fashioned, “rah-rah”, pump yourself up, go out and achieve what you want to achieve in life approach to personal development. It comes from outside of yourself. Inspiration is a relaxed feeling of joy that prompts you to look in a certain direction or take a certain action, and always it comes from inside of you. It’s always right.

Inspired action is always right action because it fits perfectly with your grand plan for creating a life of health, wealth, and love, especially as each of the parts of the plan mature to the point of complete clarity.

The final part of the declaration is “for the highest good of all.” This is the anti-sociopath insurance policy. This makes sure that there is alignment, which means the absence of conflict internally and externally. You’re literally stating that you want your goals to be achieved in a way that’s not only for your higher good, but is also for the highest good of all concerned.

The declaration creates an alignment of 100% of your energy and removes the resistance that is the most common cause of people not achieving their goals. Often referred to as inner conflict, where one part of you wants to achieve a goal and another part doesn’t want to.

The Experiment in a Nutshell

To summarize, the 15-minute daily practice, which is the experiment, is this simple. First, you make a list of everything you want in the 3 categories of health, wealth and love. Next, you run them through the 3 Ps filter to make sure that they’re stated in the positive, that they are personal goals, and they are written in the present tense. Third, you read the goals with the declaration and picture and feel the good feelings for 15 minutes every day.

You’ll need a quiet place to do this. First thing in the morning is best, and it’s okay if you miss a day once or twice a week; there’s no need to be obsessive. Remember, do everything in an easy and relaxed manner.

This simple practice, as you will discover as you perform the experiment, will change your entire life and give you a far greater feeling of empowerment and joy than you have ever experienced before.

In fact, the more often and the more intensely you feel positive emotions such as joy and empowerment as you think about what it is you want to attract into your life, the quicker you will attract those things.

As you go through your day on a day-to-day basis, you have a wonderful opportunity to speed up the manifestation of your desires by practicing what we call emotional mastery. It will also allow you to enjoy the journey and not just put off happiness until you have achieved all of your heart’s desires, which will never happen because there will always be more that you want. So enjoy the journey. There will be more about this in the final chapter of this series. And next week we will look at emotional mastery.

Until next time,

Connie Kvilhaug, Cert. Hypnotist
Mindset Coach & Trainer