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Success is a Science (Part 7)

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Last week, I discussed the emotional frequency scale. By now, you’re probably thinking, “Show me what to do to move up the emotional frequency scale so that I can achieve what I want to achieve in life faster. So that I can improve my ability to achieve. And perhaps most importantly of all, so that I can enjoy the journey, because there is no ultimate destination.”

So here are the techniques. First you need to go out and buy yourself a journal. Any journal will do: a notebook, spiral-bound, whatever works.

The Creative Journal

The 3 most important things that you can use the journal for are:

  1. Lists of your desires
  2. Creative ideas
  3. Appreciations

Each of them will have a very powerful effect on raising your emotional set point.

Let’s run through each of these powerful techniques and give a brief description of each.

Desire Lists 

Right at the start of your journal is the place where you want to keep your three desire lists; one for health, one for wealth and one for love. If they’re right at the start of the journal, you can easily access them each morning for doing your 15-minute a day practice.

Creative Ideas

As time goes on, your unconscious mind will automatically produce for you inspirations and creative ideas. It’s important that you keep all of these inspirations and creative ideas in one place. The remainder of the journal is where you can jot down these ideas as they come to you.

Remember, your job is not to try to figure out how, but only to get clear on what it is that you want.

The how will present itself as and when you need it. It’s almost like you’re on a need-to-know basis with your unconscious mind. The job of the conscious mind is to figure out what you want and write it down. The job of the unconscious mind is to present ideas and inspirations as and when you need them. Then you need to capture them. And this is the function of creative ideas journaling. These creative ideas will form the basis of your continuously adjusting plan.


“What you appreciate appreciates.”   

Think about this for a moment as you contemplate how it links with the Law of Attraction. When you appreciate something, you attract more of whatever it is that you’re appreciating.

This is particularly useful when you are “below the line” and you want to move back up “above the line.” The easiest way is first of all to remind yourself that “every problem is an opportunity for growth.” And then ask the question, “Where’s the good in this?” “Where’s the opportunity for growth?” “What is there about this situation that I can appreciate?”

Nietzsche once said, “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.” Our way of saying it would be, “Whatever the problem is, milk it for every last drop of positive growth you can get from it.”

Simply by making the statement and asking these questions, you can begin to train yourself to habitually bounce right back up above the line whenever you dip below it.

So to recap: you have your journal. In the first part of your journal are your desires. As you function above the line, you will receive all the necessary creative ideas, information and plans necessary to achieve those desires (which you capture immediately in your journal.)

If you drop below the line, you have a very simple but powerful journaling system that will enable you to “self-soothe” your way back up to the point where you’re above the line again. These simple practices are the basis of the emotional mastery system.

More to come next week…

Until next time,

Connie Kvilhaug, Cert. Hypnotist
Mindset Coach & Trainer