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As a quick follow-up to last week’s blog, I’d like to expand a bit on “using things.”

We’ve learned that it’s important to keep using our bodies and our possessions in order to keep them in good condition.

This week’s topic parallel’s this a bit in that it is also important to use the things that we’ve been saving for a special occasion, waiting for the right event or keeping it stored to protect it.

I was reminded of this myself this past weekend. I had to have some work done in my garage and needed to move all my storage boxes. I hadn’t looked in some of these boxes for years.

One of the boxes was a box of cute figurines that I had collected while my kids were young. I took them out of the box, one by one, and the memories poured in on when I received these different figurines as gifts – usually Christmas gifts from my kids.

Why would I want to keep these treasures stored away any longer?

So I unpacked them and now have them displayed in my dining room to enjoy.

Things are meant to be used, admired, appreciated; not stored away.

I also found some beautiful plates and other items that I had stored away for a “special occasion.”  I unpacked them and plan to use them for myself, on a daily basis, because they are too nice to remain unseen, stored away, without being used.

My question to you is this:  What things have you stored away or are keeping for a special event that you never use?  Why?

Some people might say they want to keep those nice things to pass down to their children. Well, recent studies show that our kids probably won’t want our old antiques or items. And even if they did, many of them are too busy to go through your boxes when you pass or perhaps they move a lot with their jobs and they won’t want to lug around all that “stuff.”

In fact, studies show that much of the items that people keep for their kids is donated or given away.

So why not use those nice things yourself NOW?!  Use those fine dishes, don the expensive jewelry and wear that special outfit.

We all know life is short. So enjoy the things you have NOW. Don’t wait for that special occasion. Make each day a special occasion simply because life is just too precious to keep putting off.

Until next time,

Connie Kvilhaug, Cert. Hypnotist