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Viva La Victim

Those who have worked with me know about patterns….patterns that people play at one time or another.  One of the patterns that I see playing out BIG TIME in today’s society is the Victim.

Look around. How many people do you see blaming others, circumstances or events for why they aren’t happy, wealthy or wise?

How many do you see wanting everyone else to take care of them and pay for their expenses?

Being a victim is a state of mind not a set of circumstances. 

Let that sink in a bit.

People who play the “victim card” will always be victims in one sense or another, no matter how many times they get bailed out, rescued or financed.

Refuse to be a victim. Refuse to entertain victims.

Refuse victimhood in your life; refuse it in your business. Refuse it everywhere.

Why does this matter?

Because when you refuse to be a victim, you actually have the ability to change your life and your circumstances. When you refuse to be a victim, you get to stand in your own power, abilities and resources. You even get to use YOUR OWN MIND rather than be led like a sheep.

What’s even better is that when you act this way, it tends to inspire and empower others to act this way.

And a world that is “victim-free” is a world that is on the path to being self-responsible.

Taking responsibility doesn’t mean life will always be a bowl of cherries; it does mean you get to CHOOSE to “own” your circumstances.

And what happens when you fully accept responsibility for EVERYTHING (the good AND the bad) in your life?

You not only get a true taste of FREEDOM, but you also reclaim the power you have to create the life you want.

Until next time,

Connie Kvilhaug, Cert. Hypnotist