5 EASY Tips to Relieve Stress NOW!

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Your Wish is YOUR Command

Yes, your subconscious mind is like your very own “Magic Genie.” And it likes to follow your requests and commands. It never “judges” you nor the thing (habit, thought or situation) you are seeking. It only knows how to follow commands.  AND, it likes making you RIGHT!  (Even if you might not be, lol!)

Your mindset and energy are CRUCIAL to setting up how the rest of your day will flow.

If you start your morning with a crappy mindset, and think it’s going to be a crappy day, you will draw to yourself crappy experiences.  That’s because you have “pre-programmed” your mind to “search” for all the crappy things out there…and, trust me – you WILL find them, which will prove you were RIGHT!

For example, if you had a “Search Box” in your mind, and then typed in, “crappy things,” the mind would go to work “searching” for crappy things to see, hear or feel – in answer to your “request.”

So, instead, what if you pre-programmed your mind for a GREAT DAY?! What if you typed in, “Great Day,” into your “Search Box?”

Well, you CAN!

Now, no one can predict life.  Every day is an adventure. But you can DECIDE to have a better attitude, no matter what the day brings.  So what if you take 5 minutes each morning to INTEND that your day go a different way – a wonderful way?!  Your chances of having a more abundant experience would then be there for you and weirdly, your mind would have no other recourse than to “search” for (or attract) a much more abundant experience.

Need help re-setting your mindset? 

Through the month of April, I’ve got a “Gratitude Special” going on for any of my new programs. Whether you’ve been waiting on the sidelines or you’ve already gone through one of my programs, perhaps you need more “Mindset Mastery.”  No matter which program you choose, it’s 20% off the 2017 program prices, but you have to hurry! Programs must be booked and purchased before May 1st, 2017.

And here’s another reminder for those of you who are just tuning in: my new address is now:

Billings Hypnosis
1001 S. 24th St. West, Suite 310
(in Creekside Three), 2 blocks south of Shopko. Turn left at the large green “Creekside” sign and straight ahead is the entrance. Take the stairs or elevator to the 2nd floor – Suite 310.

New phone number:  406-672-0637

“Search” for Billings Hypnosis on Google, and, weirdly, you will find me, lol! “Search” for solutions to your issues and, weirdly, your solution will be right in front of you.

Until next time,

Connie Kvilhaug, Cert. Hypnotist
Mindset Mastery Expert