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You’re Not ________Enough

How many of you remember being told as a child that you weren’t good enough, smart enough or athletic enough?

Maybe it was a parent, a teacher, a coach or a neighbor that implanted that recording. Maybe it was your own insecurities talking to you.

How many of you believed it?

Unfortunately, many adults are still walking around with these childhood recordings playing in their mind.

Up until about the age of 8 or 9 years old, our minds are like a sponge. We learn quickly and absorb much of what we experience. Even the behaviors which aren’t useful. Even the attitudes that are negative. Even the messages that hurt us.

At this young and tender age, we haven’t yet developed what is called the Critical Faculty. This is the part of the mind that can better discern whether something is true, right or useful. Without this, as kids, we tend to believe whatever we’re told; especially if it is from an authority figure.

And that can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings or false beliefs, including the beliefs that we aren’t good enough.

Too bad we were all raised by imperfect humans, lol!

Even the best of humans can sometimes lose patience, get frustrated and say things in the heat of the moment; things that young ears pick up on. Even the most kind, caring parents or teachers might make what seems like an innocent statement that somehow gets misconstrued by impressionable young minds.

This isn’t to place blame on anyone. People do the best they can with who they are at the time (given their emotional capacity, maturity level, circumstances, their own upbringing, the culture they grew up around, their family dynamics, etc.)



You don’t have to continue to believe those messages. You can change those old recordings for more useful recordings. By letting go of the past, forgiving those who may have given you those messages and taking charge of your own life, you CAN have a more positive experience in life.

Are YOU ready?

Until next time,

Connie Kvilhaug, Cert. Hypnotist
NLP Trainer/EFT Practitioner